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Bird watching: 8-23 May, 2017 – by Simon Colenutt

Participants: Barry Wright, Jon Hornbuckle, Marc Brew, Rod Martins, Lorand Szucs, Richard Fairbank Simon Colenutt and Duncan Brooks


  • 8th May (Day 1) – Travel from London Heathrow to Ulaanbaatar via Istanbul and Bishkek. 11:30-11:15, journey time of 15.5 hours
  • 9th May (Day 2) – Arrive Ulaanbaatar 11:15 birded en-route to Mungunmorit. Night camping at Mungum Sum.
  • 10th May  (Day 3) –  Birding Mungunmorit and Gachuurt area before returning to Ulaanbaatar. Night Ulaanbaatar guest house.
  • 11th May  (Day 4) – Drive from Ulaanbaatar south to Dalanzadgad (570km). Night Dalanzadgad guest house.
  • 12th May (Day 5)  – Drive to from Dalanzadgad to Gurvan Saikhan National Park. Night camping in the National Park.
  • 13th May (Day 6) – Gurvan Saikhan National Park. Night Dalanzadgad guest house.
  • 14th May  (Day 7) – Driving from Dalanzadgad to Gobi Desert driving en-route. Night camping near to Khongor Sand Dunes.
  • 15th May  (Day 8) – Driving through Gobi Desert to Bogd with night camping beside Orog Lake.
  • 16th May  (Day 9) – Drive up Baga Bogd Mountain and birding until early afternoon, then drive to Kholboolj Lake. Night camping beside Kholboolj Lake.
  • 17th May  (Day 10) – Birding around Kholboolj Lake early AM then drive to Barig Mountain. Birding PM at Barig Mountain. Night camping at Barig Mountain.
  • 18th May  (Day 11) – Early AM birding at Barig Mountain then drive to Sangiin Lake. Night camping beside Sangiin Lake.
  • 19th May  (Day 12) – AM birding at Sangiin Lake then onto Bayan Lake. Drive to Hustai National Park with night in research centre in the park.
  • 20th May  (Day 13) – Morning birding Hustai National Park then drove to Terelj National park. Night in Ulaanbaatar 2 Hotel at Terelj National Park.
  • 21st May  (Day 14) – Morning birding at Terelj National Park then drove to Gachuurt area. Night camping at Gachuurt area.
  • 22nd May  (Day 15) – Morning birding at the Gachuurt area then drove to Ulaanbaatar stopping to bird willow scrub along Tuul River. Night in Mongolica Hotel, Ulaanbaatar.
  • 23rd May  (Day 16) – International flight from Ulaanbaatar to London Heathrow at 11:15 via Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Istanbul arriving in London at 22:30.

Please visit links below to read the detailed report day by day:

Day 1 and 2 – International flight then Ulaanbaatar to Mungum Sum
Day 3 –  Mungunmorit and Gachuurt area
Day 4 – Drive to Dalanzadgad
Day 5  – Gurvan Saikhan National Park
Day 6 – Gurvan Saikhan National Park
Day 7 – Gobi Desert and Khongor Sand Dunes
Day 8 – Gobi Desert to Bogd
Day 9 – Baga Bogd Mountain and Kholboolj Lake
Day 10 – Kholboolj Lake and Barig Mountain
Day 11 – Barig Mountain and Sangiin Lake
Day 12 (Part 1) – Sangiin Lake and Bayan Lake
Day 12 (Part 2) – Sangiin Lake and Bayan Lake
Day 13 – Hustai National Park and Terelj National Park
Day 14 – Terelj National Park and Gachuurt Area