Who We Are

- Our "Tum-Eco Tour" Co.,Ltd founded in 2000. We are located in the Gobi desert, however we organize bird and mammal watching trips, wildlife photography trips, dinosaur trips, culture trips, camel trips and hikings in all regions of Mongolia.

- In 1995, our director founded and organized Mongolia's first group Camel Tour.

- In 1997, created and organized the "Camel Festival - Winter Event" which subsequently became the biggest winter tourism event in Mongolia.

- In 2006, successfully launched "100 birds of Mongolia" exhibit

- In 2008, created the Master Plan for the development of tourism in Southgobi province.

- In 2014, published the "Guide to Southgobi province" book.

- We also run and fund the "Nature-Friendly Children's Association" which is geared towards teaching children how to protect the environment, as well as the "Camel culture - Trainer Association" and the "Amazing Gobi" tourism associations.

Our Team