Camel Festival

The Camel Festival is one of the biggest winter events in Mongolia that has been organized by our “Ten thousand camel – camel tour association” since 1997. The festival includes amazing activities such as camel parade, camel polo, camel race, nice-couple competition, Mongolian traditional ankle-bone shooting, camel relay competition, painting and poetry competition called “Camel – My friend”, performance by children from “Altai Snowcock” children club, fair of camel’s milk, dairy products, camel wool and camel woolen products, etc.

The main aim of the Camel Festival is to protect and preserve Bactrian camel population, which has been steadily declining over the past decades.

Camel festival takes place from 6th to 8th of March every year in Southgobi province, Mongolia.

camel parade of camel festival in mongolian gobi

Opening ceremony. Camel parade comes to the central square. In this parade governors of Bulgan sum, leaders of sponsor organizations, festival organizers and all participants involved. If you want, you can also ride a camel and take part in the parade.

Nice couple competition.

Camel Polo final starts after the Nice Couple competition.

Mongolian traditional ankle-bone shooting competition.

A performance by members of “Altai Snowcock” - the nature conservation local children’s club.

Camel racing. Mature camels race in the distance of 15km. You can gamble on the winner as the locals do. 

“Camel Relay” competition. One of the most awaited competitions. A competition consists of catching, taming, training and finally loading a camel with an unassembled ger /yurt/. There are several groups with 5 members, each of which perform different role.

Camel's milk, dairy products, camel wool and woolen products fair. You can find many different kinds of handmade souvenirs made by locals and the types are getting more and more year after year. 

Closing ceremony. The winners will be honored with their trophies. 

After the festival you can drive just around 30-45km and enjoy more natural and prehistoric beauties such as,

The petroglyphs in Khavtsgait mountain. Scientists say these are around 5000 years old. 

The Bayanzag, also known as "The Flaming Cliffs". This is the place where dinosaur eggs discovered for the first time in the world by famous explorer Roy Chapman Andrews. 

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