Mammal Watching Tour

Gobi Region

Mongolia is one of the last few countries in the world where wild animals still roam free and unencumbered throughout the countryside.


Western Mongolia

The Gobi that lies further Altai city is the land where you can see Mongolian rarest mammals. 


Eastern Mongolia

Populations of the world’s very last wild hoofed animal of stipa steppe are still grazing in Eastern edge of Mongolia.


Central Mongolia

One of the main mammals of Central Mongolia is Przewalski’s horses. They were once extinct in their home country - Mongolia, but the reintroduction project was successful and it is still going great.

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Mammal watching: 3-18 September, 2016 – by Jon Hall

Participants: Jon Hall, Phil Telfer and Paul Carter In 2006 I saw footage of Bactrian Camels in the Mongolian Gobi Desert on the BBC’s Planet Earth series. Oh how I wanted to go. And then I heard the details about how long and complicated the expedition had been to get the footage. I gave up […]

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Mammal watching: 19 July – 1 August, 2015 – by Richard Webb

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Mammal watching: 10-23 August, 2013 – by John Pilgrim

Mongolian Gobi 10-23 August 2013 John Pilgrim & Conrad Savy

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